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7 New Year’s resolutions you can make to help the Rescue

Looking for some New Years Resolutions that will make a difference and make you feel really good?  We have some great one’s for you to consider!

1. Adopt- a dog suitable for your lifestyle. If you’re interested in a GSP consider an adult or older GSP that will be a better match. View our dogs for adoption here.

2. Foster– fostering can be one of the most difficult things to do, but by bringing a dog into your home for a short period, knowing you helped that dog find it’s forever home can be one of the most rewarding experiences.  Interested?  Contact us!

3. Volunteer- commit to helping for an amount of time that you’re able to each month. Whether it be to help train, transport, network, or help in any number of ways.  Whatever time you can put in will be greatly appreciated.  If you are interested in volunteering, Contact us!

4. Network– networking can be as easy as hitting a like button on a post so that maybe someone somewhere might be able to see the perfect dog. You can also put up a flyer on a community bulletin board as another way of helping a dog find a forever home. Be creative, and think of new ways to reach potential adopters.

5. Donate- Not able to Adopt or Foster?  Your tax deductible donations can help in many ways! Your contributions help the Rescue keep the dogs healthy, fed and clean.  Even a small donation can help feed a dog for a month.

6. Fundraising – while our adoption fees help cover the expenses of caring for the dogs we rescue, we often fall short if we occur unexpected vet bills. The only way we can continue to operate is to raise funds to cover these additional expenses. Time required for fund-raising can often consume valuable hours that we might otherwise be using for GSP’s. As an all volunteer, non-profit organization we depend on financial assistants that know, and understand our mission. Want to help?  Contact us!

7. Become a Rescue Hero! With your recurring monthly donation, you’ll make sure that funds are available to take care of our GSP’s all year long! Get Started Here!

The plight of homeless, abandoned pets is overwhelming when we look at the raw numbers, but we can all make a difference, one person at a time, each doing a little bit. This Year… Save One, Foster One, Sponsor One, Rescue One Dog

Happy New Year from the California German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue!

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