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About the GSP


That’s the word which comes to mind when asked to describe this breed. Add to that: athletic, intelligent, sensitive, out-going, and people-oriented and you begin to get the flavor of this special breed.

Is this a dog for everyone?

No! This is a dog which can do well in a city yard or on an expansive ranch only if it is trained and has access to its human family. The breed was developed as a close, versatile hunting dog and home companion. Equally dependable in finding game and protecting home and hearth, this breed was bred to work and live closely with their human partners. We have coined a term to describe that relationship: “Velcro Companions.” Their high intelligence makes them easily trainable, but also tends to mischief-making when ignored.

Watch this terrific Dogs 101 video by Animal Planet.

In appearance, the Shorthair should exhibit an athletic, lithe, deep-chested outline. The head and expression is handsome and denotes intelligence and interest. The muzzle is usually equally as long as the skull, and does not give the impression of pointedness. The lips are soft and overlap the lower jaw slightly, giving a rectangular outline. Coloring is just about any combination of liver (a deep brown) and white. The dark head and ears may sport a blaze or be solid-colored. Body color can be a range from white to speckled to roan (mixed liver and white hairs), with or without patch, or it may be solid liver (usually with some white on chest or toes.)

A Shorthair’s movement is easy, athletic and enthusiastic. They revel in activity that is directed and shared by their human partner. They do well in field work, obedience and show ring, agility, and water work. As with any breed, they do best when trained early and worked often. As a companlon, they are loyal and protective, loving and affectionate. They are clean, easily-groomed and great travelers.

To fully enjoy ownership of a German Shorthair, you need to commit to a lifestyle which includes this dog as a family member, and travelling companion. We highly recommend planned activities which develop this breed’s notable talents, just as you plan to develop the talents of the children in your family. Providing outlets for their intelligence and abilities insures that they will become secure and happy in their environment.

GSPs are great dogs but NOT for everyone.


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