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A Million Reasons to Adopt a Senior!

A Million Reasons to Adopt a Senior GSP! While there isn’t enough space to write all one-million reasons to adopt a senior, we’d like to give you some of the many, many reasons to give an older dog a forever home. Here at the California GSP Rescue, we think Senior GSP’s are just incredible dogs! Recently, we were lucky to adopt one of our favorite seniors (okay, they are ALL our favorites!) to a family committed to adopting the older dogs. Jill and her family not only adopted from us once, but twice!

We wanted to give some other families reasons for focusing on the seasoned dogs, and one of our senior GSP adopters gave us this cute – and very accurate – acrostic:

S – Suited to families with more love, less free time
E – Easy to please… some days a ride in the car is good enough
N – Needs hugs more than a 5 mile run
I  – Interested in naps.  Chewing flip flops?  Not so much.
O – Old enough to appreciate the finer things in life, like a soft bed in a sunny spot
R – Realizes the “potty” is outside
G – Generally less demanding, more agreeable
S – Still “going strong”, not “going crazy”
– Prefers a kiss and a long walk over two-per-day trips to the dog park.

Although this only takes us partway to our million reasons, they are pretty compelling!

Anyone who has gone through the early years of a GSP, knows the challenges and the incredible energy it takes to keep up. Thank goodness some of our adopters are up for those challenges – especially since so many GSP’s are dumped at shelters when their first owners couldn’t keep up. But we are also very thankful for the adopters that give their hearts and homes to our senior rescues. Dogs that have given love and devotion all of their lives, only to be discarded by their previous owners, show an incredible resilience and willingness to accept new and loving families. They are happy for the companionship and comfort we can offer them. Their adopters are happy for the ease of bringing them into their homes and the joy of discovering their personalities.We have often heard it is too heartbreaking to lose a dog so soon after adopting.

Those of us who are hooked on adopting seniors can tell you: the heartbreak of knowing there are senior dogs without families is far worse, that you may just get to have that senior for many more years than you thought! (GSPs generally age incredibly well!) Your children will not only love this dog but will learn an important lesson in compassion and caring, and you will gain far more than you thought you were giving!

If you would like to learn more about adopting one of our senior GSP’s, please apply here.

Can’t adopt? You can still help the senior dogs in our care by becoming a Rescue Hero

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