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Meet Ahlen!

Ahlen male GSPAhlen is an 18 month old male GSP. This liver patched GSP is a big boy that is full of energy. He has had very little training and, for the most part, acts like a BIG puppy. He’ll need someone that can work with him and give him the training and exercise he needs.

While Ahlen doesn’t appear to have had much training he does show promise. He is responsive and treat motivated. We are big on ‘nothing is free’ and Ahlen seems to be getting it. He will need work on recall, Ahlen was the name given to him after he was rescued from the shelter, as well as the basic commands (sit, down, stay, etc). He also needs work on a leash as he tends to pull toward what interests him – usually scents and smells along his walks. Training is best done after exercise and Ahlen has done well in the limited training we have been able to give him.

When he first came to California GSP Rescue, he played well with some of the dogs but appeared forward or dominant with others. We were initially concerned that this behavior might provoke other dogs and the situation might escalate. However, we continued to work and socialize Ahlen having him in the field socializing and playing with other dogs. He is doing great and could be considered a candidate for a multi-dog home.

Ahlen might also be a candidate for a single dog home. When not out with other dogs, he finds ways to entertain himself. He likes and will play with rope toys as well as other toys. Of course, like most GSPs, he enjoys interacting and playing with his people.

Currently Ahlen is exercised by playing in the field and being walked. He has done well running alongside the bike which provides an excellent way to see he receives his daily exercise. A 20-30 minute run on the bike can help burn off the energy that often can lead to bad behaviors from not being exercised and boredom.

If you have a big heart for a big GSP and can provide the exercise as well as the training needed, we encourage you to submit an adoption application from our website. If you have a big heart but aren’t in the position to adopt, please consider one of the other ways (listed below) to help!

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