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Aisha is Adopted!

Aisha Chris SharonChris and Susan contacted us before submitting an application to make sure we would adopt to families that don’t hunt…..but of course!  We are looking for good lifelong committed homes for the dogs in our care.  While some dogs may go on to hunt, some also don’t have the desire to hunt, and the key is to give them the life they deserve including exercise, training, affection…most simply said ” a good lifelong home”.

Chris had his heart set on adding a female to their home. They waited a bit while we found a match for them, and came out to meet Aisha and a couple of other dogs.  I don’t think they ever even noticed the other dogs as Aisha was everything they hoped for in a companion at home.

Aisha fit in right away.  Susan was able to take time off of work to ensure Aisha was acclimated to their home.  Aisha has enjoyed long walks, soft beds and will be learning to run along side a bike with Susan.  She also will begin therapy dog training in the next year or so.

We are so thankful for adopters that commit to giving a lost dog such as Aisha, now known as Annie, a home with the attention they need and deserve.


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