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Alex Adopted and Loved… A Memorial

Alex_1899180_10202781383722923_1899814438_nLauren and her son Chris adopted Alex five years ago from California GSP Rescue. Lauren recently informed us that Alex passed away and wrote the following memorial to share.

When I adopted Alex her name was Annie by her previous owners. The owners before that I believe called her Abbie. Me and my son decided to call her Alex later Allie. She loved to run free in a field near my home. She was quiet and very sweet but an escape Artist. She just had to run. Allie was well known in the neighborhood and would love to visit with other dogs She loved to dress up in for Halloween, a real ham! At 4 pm every day she would start pacing back and forth. Yep it was walk time!

Allie added much joy and love to our home. She is missed so much. She has crossed that rainbow bridge today and running free with the wind.

Love you girl!!

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