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Alissa is Safe!

Alissa is Safe! Alissa was a stray whose family didn’t come for her. Alissa wasn’t adopted after her hold was up either, and we were notified that she would need rescue.

Often times, there is very little information when we pick up a dog; this was no exception. About all we knew was she was a GSP, what date we could have her, and she had a “bump” on her foot. (We would  find out later how large that “bump” was, and that she couldn’t walk on one foot.) Volunteers Bob and Belle were asked if they could be available on her release date and they were, as always, happy to help.

As Alissa hopped over to them on three legs, she was clearly happy to be out. The “bump” was somewhat shocking.  Bob and Belle are long-time GSP owners and volunteers, and neither had ever seen anything like it. The shelter staff informed them she should see a vet right away – another bit of information we didn’t have before. On their drive to the rescue, other volunteers scrambled to get vet appointments set up and find a foster should she need surgery. As we received the texted photo of the foot, it was pretty clear she would need surgery to remove it.

Within a few hours, a foster was found that could bring Alissa to Dr. Kang the next day, and Bob and Belle had one more transport to make in their very long day. Taking her to her foster family.

The next morning, Dr. Kang was consulted, and a surgery appointment was made. We also discovered a very large fatty lipoma under her arm, and we decided to have it removed since it was affecting movement as well.

In less than 48 hours from getting her freedom, Alissa’s medical needs were taken care of. We are still waiting for a biopsy of the “bump”, but are hoping for the best. Alissa is proving to be a sweet and gentle little GSP, and deserves to have many more years with a forever family. Watch our website for updates on Alissa, and when she will be available for adoption.

A huge thank you to Bob and Belle for getting Alissa out of the shelter, and one step closer to her forever home!


Please consider making a donation to help cover the cost of Alissa’s surgery. Thank you for your continued support.

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