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Annabelle Is Adopted!

Annabelle adoption photoAnnabelle is adopted, and she is cherished and loved by her new family! Tim, Chris and Lauren think she is nothing short of wonderful – and we are just thrilled for Annabelle and her happily-ever-after new life!

Annabelle’s previous family had difficulty with separation anxiety, and after a long while of  trying different ways to deal with it, they came to the conclusion that another family might better be able to handle her. Most importantly, someone who could devote more time to working with her and would be around her more might better be able to give her a happy life. With flexible work hours and working from home, Chris, Tim and Lauren are able to give Annabelle the time she wants with her people. They have also discovered that, when they do need to be gone from her, Jo, their beagle, keeps Annabelle company and keeps her calm.

Separation Anxiety can be very difficult to help a dog overcome. With some, it is a long process of gradually leaving the dog, gradually crate training, etc.  With some dogs, it is all about routine, and with some it is companionship – either human or canine. Luckily, Chris, Tim and Lauren discovered that Annabelle’s separation anxiety was helped with exercise, being around her more, and by having another dog in the home.

Annabelle not only enjoys her daily walks and lots and lots of attention, but she also enjoys lounging on the couch and snuggling. This petite little pointer also seems to enjoy being picked up and carried around!

We are thrilled to receive texts from her family such as, “Annabelle is doing great! She is truly a velcro dog!!” and “We love her to pieces” and “Annie is so sweet and lovable! As you can see, she has made herself very comfortable!” and, most importantly, “she’s a keeper!”

Many thanks to this family for working with Annabelle’s “quirks” and giving her the best life possible!


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