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Apollo and Jordie are Safe!

Jordie Apollo David GSP RescueSeveral weeks ago we were notified about a GSP with demodectic mange that needed to be re-homed. A few days later after and not hearing anything else, we inquired as to the GSP’s status and were told that he had been taken to a local shelter. Knowing that the chances of him being adopted in his current condition were slim, California GSP Rescue immediately started making plans to rescue him. Around the same time at a nearby shelter another stray GSP had been sitting for a week waiting to be claimed. With plans in place with Volunteer David to pull and transport the first GSP, Jordie, Volunteer John, aware of the situation, made plans to pull the second GSP, Apollo, and meet David. With  Volunteers David and John being able to rearrange their personal schedules, both Jordie and Apollo were able to make it to safety and one step closer to their forever homes.

While Jordie is being treated for his demodectic mange, Apollo is now available for adoption, and you can learn more about him here.

A big thanks to David, John and all the other volunteers that help make this possible. Pictured to the left is Volunteer David and Apollo with Jordie safe in the car.

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