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April Is Adopted!

April Kevin Shade DSC_0742w64April is Adopted, and oh is she in for some adventure!

Kevin applied to adopt a companion to accompany him on hikes, camping, backpacking and even kayaking! His Mother had rescued a GSP, so he was familiar with the breed, their energy and marvelous temperament, and he had the room, and the active lifestyle that would suit a GSP just fine.

We had a couple of challenges. Kevin had a cat and a bird, so we needed to match him with a dog that do well with his Mom’s dog, and be able to co-habitate with a cat and a bird.

April had done well with the cat test, so she was a strong possibility. She was a little older than Kevin had stated in his application, but even at 8 years old, she still had plenty of energy. She also was an escape artist, and would take advantage of every opportunity to break out of her kennel. She was very smart and very good at it.

With knowing the challenges he would have with a dog like April, Kevin was even more intrigued by her. He made an appointment to come out and meet April, and she instantly stole his heart, and the feeling was quite mutual. April went home with Kevin and shortly after, told us he re-named her Shade for “Shady Lady” because of her escape antics.

Kevin recently visited the rescue with Shade and we loved seeing how well she is doing and how much Kevin clearly understands his new pal. She still occasionally looks for an escape route, and Kevin is right there to correct her! She has her own little back pack that she carries her own water, food and supplies on their backpacking and hiking excursions, and she is looking great! She is quite a character and quite a free spirit and she has met her perfect match in Kevin!

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