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Argo is Adopted!

Argo Adoption 11-30-14
Pictured Dude, Teri, Jenny, Hope, John and Forrest

Argo found his way to us after he was picked up as a stray and taken to the local Humane Society where he was scanned for a microchip. They found he had a registered microchip – problem solved, right? Not quite. When they notified Argo’s registered owners, they were told that he was no longer their dog and they had given him away awhile back. They supplied a contact telephone number for the new owners who never responded to the Humane Society’s calls. After holding him for the required amount of time, the Humane Society reached out to California GSP Rescue for assistance which we are happy to provide for unwanted dogs like Argo.

Argo was one of the most “chill” GSP’s we had ever met. Even though arriving at approximately 9 years old, it is rather unusual, even for a GSP of this age to be so mellow. Argo would have been easily incorporated into any home. He was great with other dogs, large and small, cats, adults and children alike.

One of our volunteer adoption counselors who has an incredibly soft heart for older dogs, presented Argo to a few of her applicants who she thought would be a great fit.  He was older than they wanted, but because he met all of their other criteria, she thought perhaps they would look beyond the age, and see what an incredible dog Argo was.  They all turned him down before they even met him because he was older, and they wanted a younger GSP.

So, our volunteer had an idea.  She decided to take Argo home to foster so she could learn more about this guy to see if he had any flaws at all! She wanted to be able to get to know him so that she could wholeheartedly find him the perfect home.  Well little did she know at the time, she already did.

Teri tells us… “When I brought Argo home, he fit in as if he had been a part of my pack his entire life. I couldn’t believe what an awesome dog he was.  Chill was the perfect description of him. My pack accepted him beautifully, and my husband, John looked at me, and said “He isn’t going anywhere, is he?”  I said absolutely not… We have room for one more! He became ours and we appropriately renamed him “Dude”.

The meaning of Dude: “The Dude is there for you,” or “The Dude will always be around.” It basically means he is an easy going fellow and is pretty content to go along with whatever is happening.

Since becoming “Dude”, he has been enjoying walks on the beach, he is a regular, (and quite popular) at Teri’s Yoga class where he accompanies her, and making new friends in restaurants, coffee shops, and just about everywhere he goes. Everyone that meets him just falls in love with him, and we are not surprised.

Congratulations “Dude”!  You hit the jackpot, and we think that the feeling is mutual.

“Don’t underestimate an older dog… They have years of experience in the fine art of friendship”.

Check out our Facebook Page for more photos of Dude at home and out and about!

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