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Argo is Safe!

Argo 154992Argo was found as a stray and taken to the local Humane Society where he was scanned for a microchip. They found he had a registered microchip – problem solved, right? Not quite. When they notified Argo’s registered owners, they were told that he was no longer their dog and they had given him away awhile back. They supplied a contact telephone number for the new owners who never responded to the Humane Society’s calls. After holding him for the required amount of time, the Humane Society reached out to California GSP Rescue for assistance which we are happy to provide for unwanted dogs like Argo.

We immediately reached out to one of our local Volunteers Geoff and asked if he could help with the transport, to which he replied he would. A few days later from being notified about Argo, he was picked up by Volunteer Geoff and transported to California GSP Rescue, and one step closer to his forever home.

We were amazed when we met Argo that anyone would give him up and even more amazed that his new owner didn’t claim him from the Humane Society! We’ll have more soon on this handsome GSP soon! A big thanks to Volunteer Geoff who now has his second transport under his belt. We rely on volunteers like Geoff when it comes to rescuing dogs like Argo.

California GSP Rescue is an advocate of micro-chipping your dog – all the dogs we adopt out are chipped – for two reasons. Shelters are required to contact the owner of a dog that has a microchip which can double the time the shelter is required to hold stray dogs. Secondly, it provides a way for anyone finding your dog to contact you or an alternative contact. However, the microchip must be registered. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to be said about the irresponsible registered dog owner that doesn’t claim a found dog.  People like this make the need for rescue all that much greater.

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