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Augie Is Safe!

Augie at shelterA Senior GSP At The Shelter

When the adult and older German Shorthaired Pointers show up at the shelter, we pay closer attention than the younger, more adoptable ones. The younger dogs get much more attention from visitors to the shelter, who may know nothing about the breed but recognize a purebred dog. However, interest tends to fade when there is a little gray around the muzzle, or the kennel card states the dog isn’t as young as the visitor had hoped to adopt. Augie was one of the dogs that had a little gray in the face as well as a few scars making him look older.

Contacting The Shelter

California GSP Rescue contacted the shelter a week before Augie was made available to rescue. They let the adoption officer know they could assist if he weren’t claimed or adopted. Not optimistic, they monitored him as he came available on a Friday and was still available on Monday. Knowing Augie had passed the time required for the shelter to hold him, and every day he was at risk, plans were made to get him. California GSP Rescue contacted the adoption officer to let them know a volunteer would be there the next day.

A Volunteer Goes To The Shelter

A volunteer from California GSP Rescue was at the shelter early the next morning. The adoption officer led him back to meet Augie. Augie, listed as ten, was happy to see someone paused at his kennel for longer than it took to read the kennel card. He bounced on the door, making sure the visitor saw he was younger, or at least looked younger. He was doing an excellent job at selling himself, but it wasn’t necessary as the volunteer wasn’t leaving without him. Augie made himself right at home on the ride home. He sat in the back seat, tethered, enjoying the view, and new smells. Augie is safe!

What Is In A Name

Augie with Augie CupSometimes we are asked how do we come up with names for the dogs or if the dog had the same name before being rescued. It isn’t always easy. However, Augie’s name was a no brainer. It’s in honor of Augie’s Coffee in Redlands that is hosting an exhibit of photographs that were curated to show senior dogs like Augie make lovely pets. Also, Augie’s made some specially designed German Shorthaired Pointer coffee mugs and are donating all the proceeds to California GSP Rescue.

Please join us on Saturday, November 23rd, at 1:00 PM, to meet the artist as well as Augie and a few other exceptional German Shorthaired Pointers.

Augie’s Coffee House
113 N 5th St, Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: (909) 798-2255


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