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Ava is Adopted!

Ava_Neeraja_Judah_DSC_0305w64When Ava came into the rescue, we knew being a senior, that it would be much more of a challenge to place her, as most people are looking for a young GSP.  Little did we know, there was a perfect match for her waiting in the wings.

Neeraja is a former adopter who opened up her heart and her home and adopted a GSP in our care that had some medical issues, and diligently did her research to be sure that he had everything he needed to sustain his health as long as possible.  Unfortunately, Jasper succumbed to congestive heart failure.

When Neeraja was ready to bring a new family member into her home for a companion for herself and her GSP Judah, she wanted to adopt a senior, but was waiting for that special one to come along.  When Neeraja spotted Ava, it was love at first sight.  She was the same age as her Judah, and as sweet as they come.  Neeraja and Judah came out to meet Ava, and took her home, and from what we have been told, everything is working out just fine…

Thank you Neeraja for welcoming Ava into your home, and for giving her a life that we wish for all dogs.  Enjoy your life Ava… You have hit the jackpot!




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