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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Buddy Dog House DSC_0089w8x6 Even though much of the country would laugh at Southern Californians for saying “it is really cold at night”! It is especially cold for a dog with short hair (ahem: German Shorthair Pointer!). With temperatures routinely in the 50’s and 40’s – and sometimes below freezing – outside all night is no place for a GSP.

At the kennels used by California GSP Rescue, we have a building with interior, heated rooms for many dogs. When that fills up, there are outdoor kennels. One thing we won’t do is turn dogs away because we ran out of space in the “warm” building. So, in the past, we’ve done whatever we can to keep the dogs warm; put flaps on the igloo doors and cover them with blankets, scrounged and begged for blankets for the dogs to snuggle in, made coats for the dogs, etc.

So, when the weather began to turn cold again, we started looking for solutions for the winter months. As any good rescuer would, we all bought lottery tickets in hopes of having another heated building built, but realistically we knew we needed another solution – insulated dog houses. Finding a dog house that would provide warmth and be durable enough to withstand a mischievous, chewing dog at a reasonable price was not easy, but we found a good possibility, ordered 2 to test them out, and found that they not only held up well, but the “test” dogs loved them!

Many more insulated dog houses were ordered – enough for all of the dogs we may get this winter. Unfortunately, the cost was substantial, digging into reserves meant for medical care, food, etc., so we are having a “Dog House Drive”, and asking for your help! Any amount you can donate would be helpful, and greatly appreciated. No amount is too small, but if you are able to donate $300 or more, we’d like to remember your generosity with a plaque on the dog house as well!

Please donate and know you helped make a rescue dog more comfortable, while he waits for his forever, and warm, home.



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