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Bandit Is Adopted!

Bandit was adopted from us a little over 4 years ago, and unfortunately was returned to us because his family was having a second baby and Bandit has separation anxiety. They managed it for years, but with a new baby, a smaller place, and no longer able to afford to pay for the doggy daycare they often sent him to, they came to the difficult decision to return him to us.

Noelle and Anthony applied with us to adopt an older dog to be a companion for their dog Gracie after the recent loss of their GSP, Kingston. We presented a couple of dogs to them we thought would be a good fit, and Bandit was one of those dogs. They reluctantly decided that it was too soon after the loss of their beloved Kingston, and decided to wait. However, just a short time later, Noelle contacted us saying that they could not stop thinking about Bandit and wanted to meet him.

With Bandit’s separation anxiety, we thought they would be the perfect home as Noelle works from home and she and Anthony take their dogs everywhere with them, and have a great support system of nearby family and friends who could be with the dogs when they need to be away. There would be times where Bandit and Gracie would be left alone for short errands, so we thought it would be best for us to get Bandit into foster care with other dogs to see how severe his separation anxiety was, and if he would be okay left alone if he had the company of another dog. In his former home, he was an only dog, and was left alone which is when he exhibited the separation anxiety.

Bandit was in his foster home for two weeks. During that time, his foster family would leave him with their other dogs in small increments at a time, working up to longer periods and monitoring his anxiety. As it turned out, he did great as he got used to them coming and going and had his other dog pals to keep him company. We were sending Noelle and Anthony daily updates on Bandit’s progress, and after the two weeks, we were very happy to report back that we believed that with the help of Gracie becoming Bandit’s companion, she would be able to help him feel secure when left alone, and they agreed! 

With the help of his foster family, the support of many volunteers who were his cheerleader’s, and a family who needed a dog as much as he needed them, Bandit found his FOREVER home.

We are indebted to our foster families who by bringing these special dogs into a home environment, help to show us their true personalities and prepare them for their path to a new life. Thank you to Bandit’s foster family, the volunteers who dedicate and donate their time to make a difference for these dogs, and to the special people who make them a part of their family.

Thank you Noelle and Anthony for your patience and your love for Bandit, and for unconditionally embracing him into your lives.



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