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Banksy is Adopted!

Banksy is adopted GSP dogAdopter Cassandra tells us the story of Banksy: “Imagine… being in a five by five cell just after being picked up by a group of people to take you from your travels as a stray, then after finding you,  leave you, and forget you. After a couple of days of being in your new surroundings, you start to become agitated, scared, and unreasonable, which is not uncommon. You start to lash out at everyone that passes by your cell to find out answers, just to even get a look you snarl at them. Then, you are deemed as dangerous, and your fate is not on this world anymore.

This is what many dogs face today in kill shelters, confused scared and left to be forgotten. This is what my dog went through before we brought him into our home. His name was Banksy, picked up by a California GSP Rescue volunteer, who rescued him from this horrible and traumatizing place, to give him a second chance. The reason Banksy got a second chance was because of the volunteer. He was patient with him, and let him bark at him for a couple of seconds. And when Banksy realized that volunteer Greg wasn’t going anywhere, Banksy began to let his guard down, and showed Greg who he truly was as a dog. This action on this dog, that was deemed as a rescue only, was to be put down that day, but turned out to be the sweetest and loving dog to walk this earth, just because one person was willing to see him as the dog he truly was.

These dogs that are put in these situations are most likely treated wrong and stapled as the wrong title because of their state at the time in a kill shelter. It is an unfamiliar place, and I couldn’t even imagine how my life would be without our new addition of Banksy. If it weren’t for Greg having the patience with a dog that just needed some extra attention, Banksy would not have been able to change his own fate that day.

Banksy, is now known as Jack. I, Cassandra, and my boyfriend, Steven, adopted Jack on May 14, 2015. I didn’t get to meet Jack first, but when I saw Jack for the first time, and I realized why my boyfriend fell in love with him that first day. Not just because of his story but because of this dog’s courage. This dog, that could have been killed, was the most respectful and kind dog you would be tickled to meet. He listens and is just overall filled with joy when he’s with people. We drove him home that day, and yes he got car sick, but it wasn’t a big deal to us. We figured nerves. When his first vet appointment came around, he shocked the vets to how calm and collective he was in the room when they took his heart rate. Healthy and happy is what they claimed him as, and sent us on our way. Jack has been honestly a blessing to us. When I come home, I can’t help but just smile and when I see that long tail wagging in excitement to see me after a long day. It warms my heart to see Jack follow Steven around the house, tongue out, tail wagging, and waiting for a tap on the head for affection. Fetch is Jack’s sport, and sleep is his game. He has a long life ahead of him, and Steven and I cannot wait to grow with him along the way. Again, thank you to the California GSP rescue for everything they do, and for helping this dog have a second chance of what he deserves.

Jack is settled in very nicely here. He is honestly the sweetest and most calm dog ever. He’s the best. He loves to snuggle close and loves our other dogs and gets along great with them. We take him to the park everyday and he just loves chasing the ball. He is a great listener when we want him to sit or stay and to drop the ball to play fetch. He’s great on a leash too.

I can’t thank Greg and all the other volunteers at the California GSP Rescue enough for helping us get Jack and provide a home for him. Steven and I love him so much and he has honestly been the perfect addition to our home. I can’t tell you how much we are thankful and lucky to have him in our lives”.

Cassandra and Steven, we are very thankful for you both for seeing what a great dog we saw in Banksy, and for providing him a loving forever home.
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