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Barkley is Adopted!

Barkley GSP adopted rescue pet canine dog #cagsprescue Rob and Amy were excited to adopt, and they had waited patiently until they felt their kids were ready for the responsibility and their lifestyle would be good for a dog. They were patient in looking for a good match as well.

We are always appreciative of adopters that research the breed, and who realize adoption is a long and serious commitment. Well, Rob and Amy’s patience paid off in a gem of a GSP – Barkley! They have discovered since taking her home that she knows all sorts of commands and is a wonderful family member. Not only does she know the basics like sit and down, but she even knows “go get your baby,” and ¬†will fetch her favorite stuffed toy.¬† Barkley is extremely sweet, and the whole family is enjoying her big personality. Everyone has fallen in love with her, and it seems the feeling is mutual.

Although Barkley had a bit of an adjustment period, her new family did their best to keep her on a consistent schedule and to give her lots of exercise to help her settle in. They have continued taking her on a couple of walks or hikes each day and trips to play at the dog park as well, and they have discovered that a 5 year old GSP is by no means old! Just like any good GSP, she thoroughly enjoys quite a few naps after all of the fun! She is especially enjoying the days she gets to nap by her new dad’s desk in his days working at home.

Thanks to Rob, Amy and family for giving this adult GSP her forever home!

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