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Baron and Brook are Safe!

Baron Brook Jon Safe GSP Rescue California If you are a regular visitor to the website, you’ll know that we are sometimes surprised when certain dogs show up at the shelter and are not claimed by their owner.  Sometimes our surprise might be several days after the dog has been pulled from the shelter and evaluated when we learn how well behaved or trained the dogs might be.

When two young GSP’s showed up at a local kill shelter, we thought they must have escaped their yard and someone will surely pick them up soon. However, just to make sure the dogs were safe, we did contact the shelter to let them know we could help if needed. As their available date came and went, they were made available to the general public but amazingly, no one expressed an interest in adopting either of these two GSP’s.

We then notified Volunteer Jon that it appeared no one was going to claim or adopt the dogs, and asked if he would mind making a trip to the shelter. He readily agreed. A few days later, when the two GSP’s were still at the shelter, Volunteer Jon made the trip to the shelter making sure the two GSP’s that have since been named Baron and Brook were safe.

A big thanks to Volunteer Jon and his wife Connie who are always are willing to help the GSP’s, and helping make sure Baron and Brook are safe. Jon and Connie are two of the reasons that California GSP Rescue is successful and able to continue saving German Shorthaired Pointers.

Jon and Connie were amazed that Baron and Brook weren’t claimed. Now that you have seen these two beautiful GSPs, aren’t you amazed?

Watch our website for more information on these two amazing GSP’s as we get to know them.

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