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Beau Is A Proper Englishman!

Beau is a 9 year old, Lemon and White, neutered male English Pointer. He has been in his foster home for 5 weeks now and his foster mom has these things to say about him:

  1. 1.  He is beautifully crate trained.
  2. 2.  He knows the following commands: Sit, Heal, Down and Wait. (well maybe).
  3. 3. He LOVES being outside!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. 4. He tolerates large and small dogs, even yappy dogs. He has been good with his foster dog brothers, two older neutered male GSPs and the two female terrier dogs of the neighbors that sometimes share the backyard.
  5. He has some OCD behaviors he will stare at the grass for bugs for hours!!!! (It is really funny to watch!)
  6. He LOVES tennis balls and plays fetch very nicely!
  7. He walks quite nicely on a harness and loves it. It would likely be easy to transition to being off leash on a hike. 
  8. He is not too picky about food.
  9. He takes his daily meds like a CHAMP in his food! He is fantastic for his once monthly shots. His Addison’s disease is really under control.
  10. He rides in a car GREAT!!
  11. He is a very playful dog. He would love to wrestle with people and possibly dogs too.
  12. He has a very dramatic flair to him. Anytime he lays down it is a production and we all know he has entered the house and is laying down.
  13. He is proper about only sleeping/laying on dog begs or rugs.  He does not try to climb on furniture (couch or bed).
  14. He has fun in the small pool in the yard.
  15. He has been the easiest foster dog I have ever had by far!

Mr. Beau, being a proper Englishman, wishes to disclose a couple of his phobia’s:

“I sometimes dig a little bit I can’t help it! I love cool dirt! I do know I am not supposed to do it so you may have to help me remember.

I am not the romantic/velcro type  I have things to chase and hunt outside! That said, I do LOVE a good belly rub!

I am a little shy at first and big groups scare me.  I need time to warm up to others, have patience with me.

All tennis balls are mine.  No sharing is allowed!

I frequently use my wet nose to poke my foster moms face in the morning, especially if she is trying to sleep in. Doesn’t she know there are things to chase outside?!!?

Sometimes I lick her arms. I like the salty taste.

I obsessively chase bugs, beetles, moths and butterflies (and their shadows).

I have a disease called Addison’s and I need to get a small amount of medication every day and a shot once each month.I don’t mind the shots I get each month. My foster mom calls me a good boy when I stand quietly for the shot.

Doggie doors are scary black holes (Black lodge/Red room??!!). Better is training the human to open the door to outside for you”.

We would like to thank Beau’s foster Mom for sharing this information about Beau with us. It is invaluable for helping dogs like Beau to find their forever homes!

If Beau sounds like the gentleman for you, please apply here.

Learn more about Beau here.

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