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Bella gets adopted!

Bella is pronounced BELL-ah. It is of Italian and Latin origin, and the meaning of Bella is “beautiful”.  Bella was recently adopted by Felix, and he reports back that she is quite a love-bug, and the feeling is mutual! Everyone loves her. She gets along great with his chihuahua, and the little dog has actually become protective of Bella!

Bella had quite a journey before she came into Felix’s home. She came to GSP Rescue with what appeared to be mange. Jan, the founder of GSP Rescue, took Bella into her home to nurse her back to health. After unsuccessful attempts to control her skin problems, Jan discovered Bella had been given a medication she was allergic to. Once she was taken off the medication, she made a speedy recovery. Now, Bella lives up to her name – inside and out.

Congratulations Bella and Felix!

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