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3 Dogs – Bella, Po and Scarlett Only Need a Little More!

Once again, we’ve got 3 dogs and three big vet expenses close together for Bella, Po and Scarlett. Once again, so many wonderful people stepped up to help! We are very close to covering the expenses all thanks to these wonderful people (listed in no particular order, because we love them all!):

Karen K. ~ Marie G. ~ Betsy J. ~ Eloy A. ~ Josh W. ~ Lauren D. ~ Erin U. ~ Dalia W. ~ Jennifer M. ~ Patti K. ~ Danielle and Simon D. ~ Autumn T. ~ Patrick C. ~ Heidi R. ~ Karen B. ~ Christina E. ~ Mara B. ~ Matthew B. ~ Frank S. ~ Elaine C. ~ Edita P. ~ Suzanne D. ~ Lisa K. ~ Candace L. ~ Rochelle A. ~ Kaytee B. ~ Lisa M. ~ Mara B. ~ Lisa R. ~ Candace L.

We only need a few more kind-hearted and generous people like these to cover these vet expenses and a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated! We are eager to turn our Facebook page back to some happy adoption stories and to introducing you to some of the newcomers in the Rescue! We just have to finish taking care of business first.

And speaking of business, that’s where our regular monthly supporters – our Rescue Heroes – come in. Although stories like Bella’s capture our hearts, there are the everyday expenses that concern us as well. Each month, California GSP Rescue has to cover expenses for daily medications such as arthritis medications for our seniors, Addison’s medications for sweet Beau – still waiting for that special adopter – and antibiotics for newly spayed and neutered dogs. In the summer months especially, the water bill is significant as we fill pools and provide mist to the kennels for the dogs’ comfort. Even the cost of dish soap, laundry soap, shampoo and bleach – so important to keeping the dogs and kennels clean adds up pretty quickly!

So if you are able, please consider becoming a Rescue Hero with a regular monthly gift. And, if it fits better to give one amount to Bella, Po, and Scarlett, please know we, and the dogs, are so very grateful!

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