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Bevo Is Adopted!

Bevo Adoption PhotoBevo was surrendered to the rescue after his owner was not longer able to give him the attention he needed.

Living 8 years with one owner, this type of change can really be difficult for a senior dog, but Bevo welcomed the abundance of attention our volunteers showered him with, which made the transition a little easier for this sweet boy.

After getting to know Bevo, we knew he wouldn’t be with us for long. Sweet, smart, affectionate, loved people of all ages, got along great with other dogs and even cats.

We took Bevo to an adoption event, where he got quite a bit of attention, but there was one couple that visited our booth that were completely smitten with him, and completed an application for him right away. We were looking for a home with other dogs, and where someone would be home most of the time with Bevo. Arthur and Helayne could provide Bevo with just that.  A houseful of love and companions for Bevo. A perfect forever home.

We received an update from Arthur and Helayne that we wanted to share with you.

“Everything is going great.  Bevo is just a total love-dog.  Nothing makes him happier than climbing on top of us and dozing off. He also loves exploring the backyard.

The ride home was fine.  Helayne sat in the back seat with Kona and Petey, and Bevo sat up front with me.  It was about a three-hour drive, and he just slept or looked out the window.  When we got home, we all went into our backyard.  When we let Hoshi out of the house, he dashed across the yard straight for Bevo.  Hoshi started growling and sniffing him.  His reaction was perfect — he stood still, didn’t react, and didn’t make eye contact.  After a couple of minutes, Hoshi seemed satisfied and pranced away.  They had obviously reached an understanding between them.  He is fitting in with the other dogs.  They’ve been eating together side by side without incident.  Although the other dogs all sleep in our bedroom, Bevo chose to sleep last night on our family room couch.  So far it’s been about an easy a transition as I’ve ever seen”.  

Thank you to Arthur and Helayne for opening up your home and your hearts for a senior dog. It truly warms our hearts to see Bevo so happy and content with his new family.

Watch our Facebook page for photos of Bevo in his new home.

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