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Blu is Safe!

A426244w29 BluThere isn’t a day that goes by that California GSP Rescue doesn’t receive at least one email about a dog in a shelter needing assistance. With our limited resources, we attempt to stay focused on GSPs, however, when we recently received notification about a dog that looked like a GSP at a local kill shelter, we investigated and found two Pointers (not German Shorthaired Pointers) with great dispositions.

Wanting to help but knowing there are plenty of GSPs presently needing assistance, we contacted the Pointer Rescue Organization (PRO) and offered our assistance in helping make sure the Pointers got to safety. Christina, PRO’s California Coordinator, accepted our offer and arrangements were made.  Blu was then pulled by California GSP Rescue and held until this past Saturday when we could meet up with PRO Volunteer Debbie to complete the transport and transfer.

A big thanks to Christina and Debbie for all their help coordinating and communicating prior to the transfer.

If you are available to visit shelters to take photos, help transport, or just would like to walk a dog, please, contact us. We can always use an extra hand or two!

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