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Bo Diddley is safe!

Yesterday Bo Diddley was rescued from the shelter in San Jose and transported to California GSP Rescue in Southern California where he is now safe and will soon be available for adoption. This was an enormous undertaking that was only made possible with the help of several dedicated volunteers. A huge thanks to the several volunteers involved in transporting Bo Diddley that include Anna S, Celia A, Valerie H, Mary Kay J, Barbara L, John H, & Lance H. Special thanks to Volunteer Robin F. who helped make arrangements with the shelter prior to the transport and everyone else that responded to emails offering to assist. Without the initial commitments of those willing to transport or the numerous phone calls and emails to the shelter, Bo Diddley would still be sitting in the shelter with time running out. Lastly, thanks to all the volunteers behind the scenes whose ceaseless commitment allows CA GSP Rescue the ability to continue rescuing and adopting this magnificent breed.

We’ll have more on Bo Diddley very soon!

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