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Boomer is Adopted!

Adopted Boomer Kelly Trinidad Zella DSC_9383w64A one year old German Shorthaired Pointer is not for everyone – as Boomer proved after being adopted and then getting returned to the shelter for being too energetic. Luckily, we have adopters familiar with GSPs and sporting breeds who know the amount of exercise and training a young GSP requires.

Boomer’s new family keeps him exercised with runs and ball play each day, and they work on his leash skills and manners. He is now their “Gunner” and is loving the daily runs with his new mom, and running around the property with his human sister, Trinity. Boomer is also getting to know the families Weimaraner, Zella, and has made it his mission to steal every stuffed animal Trinity owns!

We are so happy Gunner has finally found the right family to mold him into the excellent family dog he was meant to be. Thank you Kelly, Dean, Trinity, and Zella for bringing him into your home!

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