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Boomer is Safe!

BoomerThere are a couple of times a year that the California GSP Rescue visits the same shelter for a different dog needing rescued just days after having visited and rescuing a dog.

Boomer is the second GSP to show up at a local shelter just days after we had rescued Delilah. However, unlike Delilah, Boomer had been a repeat visitor. Originally dropped off by his owner who couldn’t care for him, he was adopted and returned two more times! Once for having too much energy (someone obviously unfamiliar with the breed) and another time for being too destructive (might have something to do with not getting enough exercise).

Fortunately, Volunteers Daniel and Gracie were available to visit the shelter to pull Boomer and later meet Volunteer Casey who brought Boomer the rest of the way to California GSP Rescue.

A special thanks to Volunteers Daniel and Gracie for making the time to visit the shelter and help transport; to Volunteer Casey on his inaugural transport and helping get him all the way to the rescue; and to Shelter Staff Patricia for helping find the paperwork so we wouldn’t have to make a second trip.

You’ll see more of Boomer very soon who has yet to destroy anything!

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