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Boopsie trains easily

Boopsie has been in our home for a month now as a foster dog.  She spent the first two weeks figuring out the rules of the house and figuring out how to relate to her two new foster dog sisters.  We’ve been fascinated with how quickly Boopsie learns.  At first she was trying to surf the counters and we actually found her walking on top of our outdoor barbeque.  Within these few weeks and with a simple verbal correction she has learned these are not good behaviors.  She is very simple to train because she is sensitive to our voice.  When we say no she corrects her behavior quickly.  She also cracks us up because she loves to try to figure out puzzles…we found her swatting her paws at the spa water as she tried to “pull” a toy in close to her from the middle of the spa.  She continually tries to figure out how to get past a gate block that keeps our dogs out of one of the planters.  She is a very bright and easily trainable little dog. – Andrea

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