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Briggs – Life is a Beach!

Briggs Aug to Oct 264Briggs came to the rescue when his previous family could no longer care for his allergies. California GSP Rescue was able to find him a home earlier this year with Kathleen, someone that had dealt with pet allergies in the past. Kathleen seems to have gained the upper hand on the allergies and is getting him plenty of exercise which includes runs on the beach. Kathleen sent the following update:

“Brigadier is perfect!!!!!! He has been for quite some time now. Took about 4 months. I’ve had him just 5 now. He is off all medication, he needs no specific diet, all his hair is back, his paws are normalĀ and he is happy as a clam or a GSP…

When he runs he sounds like a wild horse going by. He is that powerful. He is always ready to play and has a great sense of humor. I am continuing with his training, and recently I was asked if I wanted him to do agility events because he is so athletic. What do you think? I want what makes him happy.

He is never alone, he is doted on and gets lots of exercise so I think all that combined was able to help him with these allergies, which appear to be non-existent now. He also loves Charisma:) (the cat).”
Thanks, Kathleen, for the wonderful update and photos. In answer to your question regarding him doing agility events, we think, Yes!Ā  Agility is a great sport for this smart breed but want to know who has done agility with their GSP and how did it go? Please feel free to comment.
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