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Brooke is Adopted!

Brook GSP adoptedBrooke is Adopted! Previous German Shorthaired Pointer owners and adopters, Pam and Jim knew exactly what they wanted in their next GSP. They rescued their first GSP with CA GSP Rescue at about 1 year of age, and they wanted another female of similar age this time around.

It is not often we take in such a young German Shorthaired Pointer here at the rescue, but Jim and Pam were committed to adopting a rescue, and were willing to wait for the right dog for them. And then Brooke came along!

Brooke is now Joey and is well on her way to being the spoiled center of attention in her new home! Having had GSP “children” before, Pam and Jim are well aware of the guidance, exercise, and patience a young GSP will require – something her previous owners obviously did not. Pam and Jim have brought Joey back to the rescue a few times for play and exercise and we love seeing how well she is doing. They are amazed at her energy, but prepared to deal with it!

Here at the Rescue, we are always grateful for adopters who are committed to the process (no matter how long it takes) and who will provide these wonderful dogs a lifetime of guidance and love!

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