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Brooklyn is Safe!

A205567_brooklyn_w29In the past few weeks California GSP Rescue has received an increased number of emails and notifications about GSPs needing to be rescued. Take a look at any calendar and it is easy to see why. With the holidays quickly approaching, now seems to be the time to take your GSP to the shelter or not bother to claim them if they get loose and are picked up as a stray. The later is the case for Brooklyn who was picked up by animal control from a rural “kill”  shelter in the central valley. Fortunately, GSP Rescue was made aware of him before he was in immediate danger thanks to NorCal Volunteer Robin. With a commitment that California GSP Rescue could take him in and help find him a forever home, planning for the transport began. NorCal Volunteer Lisa made arrangements from the starting point contacting Volunteer Janie who picked Brooklyn up Saturday morning and met Donna B who transported him the rest of the way. Late Saturday night Brooklyn was officially one step, and several miles, closer to his forever home. A big thanks to Robin, Lisa, Janie, & Donna B for helping!

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