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Brownie is Adopted!

AlthBrownie Jeff Luke ough 7 isn’t very old in GSP years, it is older than most adopters are looking for when they apply. Jeff,  however, was more interested in a personality fit than an age, and Brownie seemed perfect for him.

As a friend of one of our volunteers, he had also seen just how active any aged GSP can be!  He was looking for a dog comfortable with running by his bike (his transportation to work) and that would do well around all of the people coming and going from his office where she would be most days.  Along came Brownie, who fit the bill!

Jeff wrote to tell us that Brownie has made several trips to work with him alongside the bike and does very well. He has found that the people who come to his office are quite drawn to her and, of course, she enjoys the attention. At home, she is enjoying the pool and is playful and adjusting well.

Thanks to Jeff and his family for giving an adult GSP a great home!

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