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Bruiser is Safe!

BruiserMay is a busy month for Rescues. As families plan their summer vacation, there seems to be a moment when those families not planning to take their dogs have a discussion about what to do with their pets. While some look for pet sitters, boarding facilities, and family members to care for their dogs while they are away, others contact rescues, shelters, or simply don’t look for them if their dogs “wander” away. We suspect Bruiser might be from the latter except, after he wandered away and before he was picked up by the shelter, it appears he was hit by a car. With lacerations and contusions, he was picked up by an Animal Control Officer and taken to the shelter. Fortunately, the shelter had a Vet examine him who found no broken bones or internal injuries. After being stitched up, the shelter held Bruiser for the mandatory holding period. His owner never showed to claim him.

Around the time his holding period was up, California GSP Rescue received an email about a German Shorthaired Pointer in a local shelter that had been hit by a car. Concerned that immediate medical attention might be needed as some shelters aren’t equipped to treat dogs with severe trauma, we immediately reached out to the shelter and learned the injuries were minor. The shelters only recommendation was that he have a follow up vet visit in a few weeks to remove the sutures. With a sigh of relief it wasn’t an emergency situation, California GSP Rescue made plans with the shelter to pick Bruiser up.

When the California GSP Rescue Volunteer arrived at the shelter, the animal control officer brought up a very timid and uncertain Bruiser. He appeared to not want to leave or at least venture though the door into the waiting area filled with strangers. With a little coaxing, he cautiously followed the volunteer out the door soon taking his first steps of freedom. Bruiser was safe but his journey to his forever home had just begun.

Since Bruiser took his first steps of freedom, he has been to the Vet to have his stitches removed and to have surgery for his cherry eye which could have been caused by being hit by an automobile, and he is doing well.

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