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Bubba is Adopted!

Bubba Kia Meridith Ted DSC_0003w64We are very happy to tell you that Bubba found his forever home! We are quite late in getting you this wonderful adoption update – sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in our volunteers’ days, but better late than never, as they say, and certainly worth the wait!

We want to let you know about Ted and Meredith adopting a wonderful dog – Bubba! They wanted to adopt a companion for their dog Kia, as well as another dog to keep Meredith company, and met a wonderful pointer named Bubba that was perfect! We thought he was quite calm, but as he settled into their home, he has become a bit more feisty. No worries though, as Meredith says he responds very well to a firm voice. This adoption update says it all.

“He and Kia are getting along like sweethearts already. They chase each other and then run along side each other in the back yard. So happy so far, and he listens to me very well. He sleeps through the night and had only one little accident the first day.  He is also house broken”!

We are so happy for Bubba and his forever family!

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