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Buddy Is Safe!

Buddy in ShelterFound As A Stray

Finding a young German Shorthaired Pointer is more common than finding a Senior GSP. When Buddy, at thirteen years old, showed up at the shelter as a stray, we wondered how that could happen. While there are plenty of active GSPs that are thirteen or older, at some point most lose interest in escaping. As it turned out, it wasn’t Buddy’s first time at the shelter. He had been picked up as a stray before. A few times before.

Surrendered To The Shelter

Having shown up to the shelter before, Buddy had a microchip. The shelter was able to easily identify and contact Buddy’s owner by checking the microchip information. While some might scrutinize surrendering their senior dog to the shelter, others might argue that it is in the best interest of Buddy that the owner relinquish him to the shelter. If the owner couldn’t keep Buddy contained and he is regularly running loose, the chances of something happening to him go up substantially. Being hit by a car, attacked by another loose dog, or being bitten by a snake are some of the dangers Buddy could face. However, most would agree that a responsible dog owner would fix the problem and secure their property. This obviously wasn’t an option for Buddy’s owner as he surrendered him to the shelter.

Emails Are Sent

While Buddy’s future may have looked bleak to some that know Buddy’s chances of being adopted were slim, he was quite lucky to be in that particular shelter. In addition to the shelter immediately posting on their website that Buddy was available, the adoption coordinator reached out to California GSP Rescue asking for assistance. Within a short time we had received the email from the shelter and from others that monitor GSPs in shelters. Not taking any additional chances that something might happen, the shelter was contacted and arrangements were made to pick up Buddy.

Buddy Is Safe

A volunteer made their way to the shelter arriving shortly after opening. The line for the onsite clinic was long but the line to adopt was nil. The novelty of adopting a shelter pet during quarantine has worn off. Many shelters, especially those in lower income areas, are dealing with an influx of dogs and cats while their adoptions wane. Buddy was one of the luckier dogs that day as the volunteer quickly made his way to the counter and let them know he was there to get the GSP. The senior GSP. The animal control officer smiled, knowing immediately he was speaking of Buddy, and notified the adoption coordinator. Several minutes later, the adoption coordinator appeared with Buddy, happy and grateful we were rescuing him. Buddy was happy too as he took his freedom walk around the courtyard leaving his mark. He wouldn’t be back.

California GSP Rescue is dedicated to rescuing and placing German Shorthaired Pointers of all ages. We don’t flinch when we learn of a Senior GSP in a shelter. We get the GSP, regardless of age because we know there are Angels out there that will open their hearts and homes for adults and seniors. Most of these adopters will let you know how their lives are enriched by these GSPs that might show some gray or move a little slower. Our challenge is finding these individuals. If you want to help Buddy find his forever home, please consider sharing this post with your friends and family.

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