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Buster is adopted

We at California GSP Rescue often share and celebrate the happy endings of adopted dogs. However, this isn’t the ending but the beginning of a new life. Buster is a perfect example of this.

After being rescued from a shelter and nursed back to health from a car accident, his foster family said he could stay as long as he needed since he had acclimated so well to his foster home.

Busters “happy ending” came when Jeff and Melissa adopted him.  They have continued his physical therapy to help him regain strength in his injured leg, and every day see that Buster gets enough exercise by biking (great way to exercise your GSP), swimming, or hunting. Jeff is impressed with Buster’s point and is looking forward to working and training him to hunt.

Jeff and Melissa are repeat adopters and a remarkable family. Buster, being a remarkable GSP, was a perfect match! We’re looking forward to many updates from Jeff and Melissa in the future.

Pictured here with Buster are Jeff, Melissa and new brother, Rufus.


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