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Buster Is Safe!

Buster is SafeWhen young German Shorthaired Pointers show up at the shelters, it’s usually because the person that had them wasn’t fully educated about the breed. Unfortunately, people are drawn to the qualities that make GSPs great companions without realizing how much exercise and attention they need. We suspect this is what happened with Buster. A young beautiful male GSP that loves getting and receiving affection is cute. No doubt. When they get older and are no longer receiving the exercise they need, the cuteness wears off.

GSPs, as well as young dogs of sporting breeds, need exercise. While they may appear beautiful, sporting breeds were bred to be active. While each breed and each dog may differ, the majority will need a significant amount of exercise the first few years. What is a significant amount of exercise – as a rule of thumb plan on 30 minutes to an hour of a high intensity work each day. This includes running, biking, playing fetch, or anything else that will leave the dogs tongue hanging out. This does not include a walk around the block (a warmup for most GSPs), being let out in the backyard, or being given a chew toy while they lay on their bed or in a crate. Those GSPs not getting enough exercise inevitably develop some not so desirable traits, and, as probably was the case for Buster, make their way to a shelter or, if the owner truly cares, to GSP Rescue.

Amazingly, no one showed any interest in Buster while he sat in his cage at the shelter. California GSP Rescue was notified about him a few days before his hold was up. When no one showed up to adopt him, California GSP Rescue was notified that he was available to rescue. Volunteer Lisa picked him up from the shelter and met Volunteer Georgia, who would take him the rest of the way, at a local coffee shop. They both could see the little walk he had been given prior to getting coffee wasn’t enough. He not only wanted attention, he desired to run. While the coffee break was cut short, both knew that Buster is safe.

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