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Buttercup is Safe!

Buttercup cheerfulness GSP Mix Pointer Shorthaired California Rescue ShelterButtercup, like the flower, is a symbol for cheerfulness, and Buttercup has plenty to be cheerful about. A few weeks ago California GSP Rescue was notified about a black and white GSP in a local kill shelter that was found as a stray. Like most strays we are notified about, we monitored her to see if her owners would come pick her up. The five day hold came and went and Buttercup was made available for adoption. A few days later, we checked with the shelter and no one had shown any interest in adopting her. Who looking in the shelter to adopt a dog wants a 7+ year old? Not many, if any, as people visiting the shelters to adopt usually do not want an older dog. Most are looking for the younger more desirable dogs. Leaving the older adult dogs taking up valuable space that will soon be needed for the new dogs that are arriving.

When our volunteer arrived at the shelter he was led back by over a dozen of other miscellaneous strays to see the dog listed as a GSP Mix.  Buttercup immediately came to the front of her kennel, tail wagging, to greet him. She was happy, no doubt about it, and seemed to smile as she made eye contact with her new visitor. The volunteer lifted his hand to the gate for her to smell and she licked his fingers as if she knew why he was here. The animal control officer asked if he wanted to spend some time with her in the socializing yard. “That won’t be necessary”, said the volunteer with his fingers still damp from the kiss. “We can find her a home”.

Buttercup was taken out of the kennel and led by all the dogs the volunteer had passed. She was one of the lucky ones and her tail was wagging to show it!

Note: Buttercup is one of many dogs that we have rescued in the recent influx. Many of these dogs have shown up at shelters with a limited amount of time. Buttercup was lucky, as are all the GSP’s we are notified about in shelters. If you would like to assist in our efforts, please, consider making a small donation to sponsor Buttercup. $20 will go along way in helping provide her with what she needs.

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