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Call to action to save shelter animals

It is being reported that California Governor Brown is seeking to repeal the Hayden Law. Prior to Hayden’s Law being enacted, shelters were only required to hold impounded dogs and cats for 72 hours (other animals could be euthanized immediately); the Law extends this time to 4 or 6 business days. There are also other provisions of the law regulating medical care for shelter animals. Repeal of the law would likely lead to the death of any animal that comes into a shelter needing medical care. Repeal of this law could lead to a huge increase in shelter deaths – and there are far too many now.

What can we all do? There is a Facebook page set up which you may visit to keep up on the fight against this measure by Governor Brown, as well as find out ways to help. The facebook page is named after Governor Brown’s own dog: SUTTER’S FRIENDS

Please visit the Notes section of Sutter’s Friends Facebook page for a listing of petitions you can sign, calls you can make, and letters you can write to help stop this action.

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