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Camille is Adopted!

Camille GSP Rescue AdoptedCamille was turned in to us by her family that had a toddler, another dog, a cat and a busy lifestyle, and were no longer able to give Camille the time, attention and exercise she needed.

Christine and her family are repeat adopters, and they were looking for a male GSP that would get along with their female GSP, Annie, 3 cats and be safe around their 18 month old grandson.  Here at the rescue, we are able to test the socialization skills of the dogs in our care with other dogs, as well as cat test them, but we don’t have anyone volunteering their young child to test a dog with children, nor would we want to.  In situations like this, we tell the adopter that if they are patient, not in a hurry, and can wait for the right dog that comes in as an owner surrender that we know is good with children, then that would be the best thing for everyone involved.

Christine agreed to wait until the right dog came along, and was even open to a female if she was a good fit. What Camille’s family did not know before they turned her into us, was that there was a wonderful perfect match for her waiting in the wings.  Christine and her family, along with their GSP Annie came out to meet Camille and fell in love with her.  We recently received an update from Christine shortly after she joined their family.

“You were correct! Camille is a sweet heart.  We are calling her Milly now. She is wonderful with Corbin my grandson and actually quite wary of the cats in the house. Annie and Milly are getting on well”.

We didn’t get to know this sweet girl very long, but we couldn’t be happier for Camille now known as Milly, getting a new life to go along with her new name.

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