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Can you help Karl? Update!

Karl_new_castWe recently told you about Sage, a GSP with a broken leg that the Rescue took out of a kill shelter.

Not too long afterwards, we were contacted by another shelter about another GSP with a broken leg. This time it was sweet little Karl. Even though we had just spent over $1500 on Sage, we knew we couldn’t leave Karl behind. Unfortunately, his break was quite severe and required a very lengthy, and costly, surgery. ¬†We are happy to report he is putting on some weight and the leg is beginning to heal. We hope he will be as good as new soon!

While adoption fees usually cover ordinary veterinary and food costs, we must ask for help with these extraordinary and unexpected bills. We have no paid staff and the work is done by volunteers, so you can feel comfortable knowing that any amount you are able to give goes directly to the care of the dogs – dogs like Karl and Sage who would never be operated on at the shelter, never be adopted out in their condition, and would surely perish if donations from people like you didn’t allow us to continue our work.

Karl iPhone dec 2013 208

December 25, 2013 update on Karl. Karl’s cast has been removed and he is using his leg. The good news is that Karl went to a foster home a few weeks ago and is spending this Christmas getting lots of love and attention. Here he is pictured resting in front of the Christmas tree.

With just seven days to go, we only need to raise $200 to cover the cost of Sage and Karl’s surgeries. Sage is scheduled for another small surgery to remove the pin in her leg after the first of the year but Karl doesn’t need anything other than love and attention. Which he is getting plenty of this Christmas in his foster home!


Karl and Sage are alive today, and will find a home soon, because of our supporters. Any amount is helpful. If you would like to help, please donate here.


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