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Can you help Sage?

Sage_DSC_0209w64Early in October California GSP Rescue first shared a post about Sage being rescued from a kill shelter in Southern California.
Picked up as a stray by the shelter after she had been hit by a car, Sage was in need of immediate medical attention – not something the shelters have the resources to provide. There are few if any adopters going to the shelter to adopt dogs with broken legs, and any rescue that would pull her knows that it is a considerable commitment before an adoptive home can be considered.
California GSP Rescue doesn’t shy away when there are dogs needing medical attention. We managed to get her the medical attention she needed to repair her broken fibia, and are happy to report she is healing well. As an all volunteer organization, you won’t see us raising money to meet the demands of salaried employees, but only when a dog we have rescued is in need of medical attention. Our budget allows us to provide ordinary medical attention, but we need your assistance to help pay Sage’s medical expenses. Please consider making a small contribution and help us continue our efforts rescuing this magnificent breed.

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