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Cappy is Safe!

Cappy_A159108w29Cappy and Holden look similar and, unfortunate, share similar stories. Cappy, like Holden, spent the last several days in a shelter. Unlike Holden, Cappy was picked up as a stray, held the mandatory amount of time, and was scheduled to be euthanized.

Fortunately for Cappy, California GSP Rescue heard about his dilemma and started making plans to see he got to safety. The shelter staff was more than happy to help transport Cappy to the Cupids and Canine adoption event this past Saturday where they met Volunteer Rob who watched Cappy until Volunteer Jeanne and Jone could pick him up and transport him the rest of the way. Cappy even got a little TV exposure on the CW6 while at the adoption event and maybe his forever home had their TV on.

A big thanks to Shelter Staff Linda and Dorothy for working with us on the transport, Volunteer Rob who made time at the adoption event to find Cappy, and Volunteers Jeanne and Jone for picking Cappy up and transporting him the rest of the way.

Rest assured, Cappy is now safe and a little closer to his forever home! Watch for more about Cappy on our website as we get to know this very special fellow.

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