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Capulin is Adopted!

D7K_2544Capulin (now Cappy) went home with Tom and Stacey and their two children.  Tom reports that Cappy is having a great time chasing balls and squirrels and enjoying his new family.  He feels Cappy is just as happy with them as they are with Cappy.

Tom and Stacey have very secure fences which was a requirement for finding Cappy a home.  Tom and Stacey also are the type of active family that this extremely active GSP needed.  He was an example of a GSP that continued his puppy energy well into his adult life.

Tom and Stacy are working with Cappy on his social skills.  He generally gets along with dogs but they have to be cautious as there are some that he doesn’t like and they are working on reconditioning him with his social skills.

Thank you Tom and Stacey for recognizing Cappy’s potential, and for your patience and dedication to working with him to help him become an incredible dog.


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