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Category: News

Rhee is Adopted!

Rhee is adopted!  Her new family, Bob and Patty, are long-time GSP owners and knew that 6 years old is just an awesome age for a shorthair. They
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Emma Is Adopted!

Emma is adopted, and a long way from where her journey began. Emma was picked up as a stray, and taken to a local shelter. She waited at the
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Pebbles is Safe!

When good people find dogs, they look for their owners. If the owner can’t be found, sometimes it is necessary to take the dog to the shelter where
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Nubs Is Adopted!

Nubs has found his forever home, and Cortnie and Josh and their family waited a long time for him! When Cortnie and Josh applied for a dog, they
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Remi Is Safe!

Remi was a frequent visitor to the shelter having escaped his yard on several occasions and then being picked up by animal control. On one of those occasions,
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Indy is Safe!

Imagine being alone in a strange place. A place you have never been. There is the never ending sound of barking coming from all around. Strangers walk by
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