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CC Is A Sweetie!

CC-DSC_1330w64The volunteers at California GSP Rescue were busy this past Saturday; handling adoption appointments and getting ready for our next Pints for Pointers. Thanks to extra help from Volunteer Cindy’s daughter, Stephanie, CC got her own personal handler for the day – and this gave us some great insight into her personality!

We got to see that she can do very well with other dogs. With some time to get used to the “crowd”, and with a few corrections from Stephanie, CC was able to relax and join the pack. It was clear, being blind in one eye, made her a bit on edge if another dog ran at her, but she soon became tolerant of the other dogs running around her. Seeing her lay down in the middle of the group after a busy day, we figured she was getting pretty comfortable too!

Stephanie found out that CC walks really well on a leash, not pulling at all. When off-leash in the fenced field, CC was happy to follow her new friend Stephanie around, offering some affection and pointing out the critters, too. CC happily greeted each volunteer with tail wags and the opportunity to pet her, leading to multiple people making the same comment, “what a sweetie!” A few times, she went into the dog house to lay down and rest, but Stephanie tells us, “when she saw me outside the crate she got excited and came out to great me with her tail wagging. She is a sweet dog”.

Part of our “job” at California GSP Rescue, is to get to know the dogs in our care to help make a good match with an adopter. There is no better way to do this than having volunteers spend time with the dogs, and getting to know their personalities. While CC might not appreciate a wild and playful younger dog, we now know she doesn’t mind the calmer adult dogs – and she loves people of all ages!

CC is ready for her forever home! Learn more about CC here.

Come out and meet CC at the Pints For Pointers Fundraising Event in San Clemente this Sunday, July 19th. Learn more here.

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