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Champ is Adopted!

Sometimes, that corny saying, “Who Rescued Who” just fits. Repeat adopter Michael was looking for a companion after loosing GSP Rescue alums Hunter and Rommel. Although he had moved far away from CA GSP Rescue, he trusted us to find the right companion for him and his cats, and was willing to make the drive for the right dog. And the right dog was Champ. A bit overweight, but absolutely the sweetest and cuddliest GSP we knew, Champ passed the “cat test” with flying colors, and arrangements were made for Michael to meet him. 

It seems clear it was love at first sight – Champ is very endearing that way. We had an early update from Michael and we were happy to see Champ really was the perfect fit, “I just wanted to drop you a note and update you on Champ. He has made himself at home here. He has adapted well and has completely integrated into the house. He naps regularly with Maynard (cat) and Annie (cat) accompanies us on the morning and evening walks. It is a sight to behold”.

Lucky for CA GSP Rescue, Michael has kept us updated on Champ, and sent some photos to show he now looks more like a fit GSP, and a little less like a couch potato! He is enjoying running the fields and hunting Quail with Michael. And yes, he does still enjoy a nap or two on the couch. 

“As I write this, Champ is by my side on the patio couch enjoying a wonderful cool, but pleasant Idaho evening. He has been a blessing, I would not be in a good place without him. He has the best characteristics of Rommel and Hunter. He is a sweet soul and has been a Godsend. He has found a forever home and I have found a much needed companion. I will keep you posted on the Quail hunt…next weekend. We are going to walk the fields and have fun. He loves it and I do not care if he ever points, as I enjoy watching him run and be a bird dog. It is a great sight.

Thank you again for your help putting us together”.

Thank you, Michael, for giving Champ the life he deserves!


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