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Charlie Bear is Adopted!

Charlie Bear Winston Mike Janice Tyler Charlie Bear has found his forever home! His new Dad, an avid home brewer,  has named him Barley Stein – which is also a nod to the breed’s German heritage.

Michael and Janice have let us know that Charlie Bear is doing well in his new home; getting along well with his beagle bother and socializing with lots of doggy and human friends.  The photos they sent us of Barley Stein hanging out with other dogs were particularly gratifying to the volunteers who worked with him at the rescue.

You see, Charlie Bear did not always seem good with other dogs, but our volunteers didn’t give up! They tried hard to make sure he got enough exercise and gave him positive experiences with other dogs, until he was just one of the gang! When he was adopted, and we received an update and photos of him happy at home and with doggy friends, there were plenty of smiles on our volunteer’s faces!  And it really made our day to see the email from Michael saying, “We are very happy we found your group and very happy with Barley!”

Check our Facebook Page throughout the day to view more photos of Charlie Bear (now known as Barley) in his new home.

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