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Charlie Bear, You’ve Come a Long Way!

Charlie Bear_DSC_0087w64Charlie Bear is a great, young dog, but when Charlie Bear first came to GSP Rescue, he was a little leary of the other dogs. He also was in need of some “basic training” in some other areas. We knew young Charlie Bear was a diamond in the rough, though, and we kept working with him.  We have discovered with some vigorous exercise – a bike ride is just perfect – that Charlie Bear turns into a cooperative, attentive learner! He also has no problems hanging with the other dogs in the field, either.

As many experienced GSP owners have discovered, you need to work out those “ants in the pants” before you get what you want out of your dog! It’s a pretty good trade off, though, as you get a good dog and a little more exercise yourself in the bargain!

What we like best about Charlie Bear after his work out, is the affection and attention we get afterwards. What you might like about Charlie Bear is that he’s a small GSP, he’s around 3, so starting to get into those mature but active years, and he just needs that special someone to bring out the rest of his potential.

Learn more about Charlie Bear, and if you’d like to meet this super little guy, Apply here.

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