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Charlie is Adopted!

Charlie_Kate_DSC_2930w64Now this adoption story is a little bit long, but it is interesting how everything worked out and the coincidences are many. See what you think:

Kate was referred to the Rescue by her friend Cam. Cam had adopted a wonderful dog from us in early 2012 – the dog he adopted was a great adult dog named Charlie. Kate sometimes watched Charlie for Cam, and thought he was a great dog, too. Volunteer Cindy contacted Kate about her application and identified a couple of dogs that could be a good fit for her. In that conversation, Kate mentioned that a dog on the website, Charlie, really seemed to draw her in. Charlie seemed a good fit with Kate’s living situation and other animals so an appointment was made for her them to meet.

In the course of getting Charlie’s paperwork ready,  volunteer Cindy looked at his pedigree – not only was Charlie’s dad the very same Charlie that Kate’s friend Cam adopted, Charlie (the younger) also shared  the same sire as volunteer Cindy’s dog, who was also an offspring of Cam’s dog Charlie! Volunteer Cindy’s dog’s name is, you got it,  Charlie (a girl, however). By the way, when she first mentioned him, Kate had no idea the Charlie she was interested in was related to her friend’s dog Charlie. If these were people, you would think a soap opera writer was behind this!

So, Kate came and met Charlie and was immediately taken by how sweet he is and decided to adopt. We’ve had updates from Kate and she is very happy to have Charlie in her life. He has also charmed her friends, who have offered to babysit him anytime. As she tells us, ” He’s getting plenty of exercise and lots of love. ”  That’s a perfect formula for a happy life!


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